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Leadership, supervision, and interview discussion cards from Student Life Consultants:

This product is a professionally designed and printed set of 25 – 2.5″ x 3.0″ cards with leadership-minded discussion questions on the front and back of each card (50 questions in all). The cards have a hole punched in the upper left-hand corner and are held together with an open-and-close loose leaf ring. Each pack of cards ordered comes in a heavyweight, reclosable plastic bag to protect from dust and moisture when storing.

These discussion cards are ideal to use in employer-employee supervision meetings, staff development meetings, student organization meetings, and even as interview questions for prospective employees.

A few example questions include:

* Who is someone you can trust and confide in?
* Tell me something I may not know about you.
* What qualities do you bring to a team?
* What is your best piece of advice?

These cards are excellent for youth leaders, college & university student affairs administrators, Greek Life, student clubs and organizations, church groups, non-profit organizations, and business & management leaders.

A four page, downloadable instruction manual (PDF format) is included. The link for download is automatically emailed upon purchase.

Price: $9.99 USD + shipping
Click HERE to purchase.

Invoices can be sent to those departments / institutions requiring paperwork prior to purchase. You can request this by sending your desired quantity along with mailing address to

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